About me

For all my life I have always dedicated myself with devotion to my profession. It's hard to believe that in two years I’ll be celebrating the anniversary – 30 years of work!

The greatest pride of the early 80 'was the opening of the first private hairdressing salon "YOUR STYLE" in the town (Berdyansk, Ukraine). This was followed by victories in the municipal contests, fashion shows, studies at the renowned “Academy of Hairdressing Wella Dolores” in Moscow and moving to a new salon called "Salon of signature hairstyle Marianne".

After the tragic death of my husband, I decided to move to Italy. Exactly one year later in a beautiful, full of history and attractions town L'Aquila I opened my own salon "Creative Studio Marianna". For seven years I’ve been creating new images and styles for Italian women, whom I had to observe for several months to figure out their mentality and tastes.

The year 2005 was the most generous in victories in competitions:

  • GrandPrix in Ukraine “Best Hairdresser of the year” ( Kadus)

  • First prize in Russia "Best female hairstyle of the year"( Kadus)

  • Three nominations in the Ukrainian Hairdressing Championship, Kiev

My works were published in professional magazines such as: "Mirror of Fashion" (Ukraine, Kiev), "Dolores" (Russia, Moscow), "Trend" (Milan, Italy).

After a horrible earthquake in 2009 in which I lost my salon and my life has radically changed again. For the last three years I’ve been living and working in Milan - the city of colors, contrasts and always alluring by Her Majesty Fashion, the world in which almost any artist would like to immerse himself at least once in a lifetime and maybe to stay there forever..

Once in Milan, it was a sin not to attend the famous Aldo Coppola’s Academy. So I did it. An intensive course was full of information. After finishing it I wanted immediately to work out the master’ lessons in practice.

Luckily an opportunity came soon enough. In collaboration with a program called "It's Fashion" on “7 TV” channel the first serious effort to promote Hotel HILTON in Mauritius was made. It was a thrilling project, in which I was responsible for hair & make up. The outfit for models was provided by the famous Italian stylists: Alviero Martini, Fisicoi Maria Grazia Severi.

Next unexpected step in my creative life was the opportunity to demonstrate my skills as a photographer, making dozens of portfolios for aspiring models of the "JhonCasaBlancas” agency. The world of photography appeals to me not less than my direct profession, since all kinds of art somehow intertwine and depend on each other..

Just recently I’ve opened a new page in my work - collaboration with famous photographers of glamour. This kind of work gives a lot of positive emotions, unlimited spur and satisfaction. This kind of art can be compared to playing in an orchestra, where everyone is responsible for his own part, but only if everyone works well together an enchanting music will sound.

At the moment I’m working as a hair stylist & promoter of the American line of hair products Frederik Fekkai in the largest perfume shop in Italy Sephora. I have my own corner where I continue taking care of hair and this is the most important for me.

To tell the truth my friends I love my profession, I like to change a female image, create new styles, search for a harmony between the proportions, forms, character and taste, and coming up with new art ideas.


It is so great to feel yourself a small ring of a great chain called creativity!!!



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